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MyChavico & LilamalO are rated as the major suppliers in the field of fabrication of structural steel and non-standard equipment, erection of Chemical Industry, Energy, Cement. Refinery, Food Industry and many other fields.
Examples of our products and services are available in the areas of EPC Contracting, and Pre-fabricated Housing.

Capacity and experience in the areas of business and manufacturing:

1)    Construction business and production as state planning for construction industry’s development including the sectors of construction, installation of machinery equipment; mechanical works and steel structures (manufacture, installation, operation; installed steel building manufacture and industrial steel building.

2)    EPC contractor for construction of civil, industrial, traffic, hydraulic and post works, industrial zone and urban technical infrastructure works, power-lines, transformer stations’ works.

3)    Business in housing development, construction consulting.

4)    Manufacturing and trading construction material.

5)    International manpower supply, Import & export business in material, equipment, technology of machine installation and construction.

6) Investing into and building works including: industry (hydropower, thermo-electricity, cement, petro-chemistry, paper and steel), civil, traffic, irrigation, water supply and drainage and urban technical infrastructure works; processing steel industrial works.

7)    Doing business in real estate, travel service, hospitality and restaurant and entertainment center; Business in goods, transportation, super-long and super-heavy equipment, hiring out transport means and construction equipment.

8)    Construction consulting, general or partial bid for investment project on industry, civil and technical infrastructure works such as: surveying; planning project, designing (within scope of work registered) and making overall estimation, supervision, consulting, project management, technological and automatic control equipment supply.

9) Designing, manufacturing equipment and processing steel structure for industrial, civil and engineering infrastructure.

10) New building and repairing all kinds of boat, ship for inland transport and sea borne goods.

11) Check, test and adjustment of electric equipment, automatic control system, heat system for technological lines; supervising and inspecting welds and material physic­-mechanic properties.

12) Training technical workers of all industries for the Coporation’s production demand and the society; advanced training and certification of welders; training and supplying Vietnamese laborers (inside and outside the Company) to work for limited terms abroad.

13)    Translation of standards and documentation for specific manufacturing fields, including equipment installation and new technological lines.

14)    Doing business in import-export· of material, machinery, equipment, spare parts, production material, and consumption material, production and consumption raw material and additive, technological lines-automation, consumption goods, transport means, acting as consumption agent for domestic and international firms of production and consumption articles as regulated by law.

15) Work and product quality meets International and American standards.

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